How Does Enterprise SEO Differ From Regular SEO in Australia?

How Does Enterprise SEO Differ From Regular SEO in Australia?

Whether you choose enterprise or regular SEO, the goal remains to get your business on the first page of search engine results and to increase traffic to your business consequently. Regular SEO is simple – write great content, optimize that content for search engines, and you are good to go.

The main difference between regular SEO and enterprise SEO is complexity. Unlike in regular SEO where content is king, enterprise SEO involves tracking hundreds of metrics that contribute to the ranking of your business. You need to track these metrics for different versions of your website including the mobile and the desktop versions.

Regular SEO is for simple websites – most with less than ten pages. Enterprise SEO, on the other hand, deals with websites with hundreds of pages and multiple languages. As such, you will have to create more content and convert that content into different languages to reach your audience.

Regular SEO only needs an individual to do all the SEO copywriting and optimizing – at more a few individuals can do the work. With enterprise SEO, a team is needed with each member tackling a specific task to improve the ranking of the business. Some members can handle content creation, another keyword research, another link building, and many other aspects of SEO.

In this digital marketing age, you need to be ready for changes that occur in the industry. For enterprise SEO, changes in search engine algorithms affect multiple pages on a website. Unlike in regular SEO where only a few pages are affected, an enterprise website might lose a lot of revenue when algorithms change. As such, enterprise SEO experts have to adapt to changes very fast.

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